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Ask the Booth

Audience interaction is hard to get right.

You've got Twitter, emails, phone messages, apps and websites, but sorting through them all sucks and your presenters wind up having a hard time… 😒

It doesn't have to be this way!

Okay I'm listening.. 🤔

Say hello to Ask the Booth 🤓

Ask the Booth is a platform that gives your audience more ways to get in touch and provide a single unified dashboard for your presenters to read their messages.

But how?

Well… 👉

  • Messages from everywhere

    With Ask the Booth you get:

    • A dedicated email address
    • Twitter hashtag monitoring
    • Your own landing page
    • Embed codes for your existing apps/websites
    • SMS text messaging

    (there's even an API if you need to custom-build something)

  • Built for presenters

    No more awkwardness on-air when your presenters lose their spot or try to read things in real-time.

    Ask the Booth's presenter dashboard has been carefully designed to keep things clear and concise, with just the right tools to stay on top of incoming messages.

  • Home brand, white label, invisible

    Your users don't have to know they're using Ask the Booth:

    • Wanna use your own custom email address? Get your IT team to set up a forwarding rule
    • Keep your audience in-app by inserting our embed code, or use our API if you want to custom-build something
    • Upload logos and colours so Ask the Booth looks like yours!
  • Data. Data. Data. Data. Data!

    Want to see where your audience is sending from?
    Want to know what your most popular questions and topics were?

    Ask the Booth keeps track so you don't have to – get insights about your audience and polish your craft 😉

See how it works

Watch a short demo of Ask the Booth in action.

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